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Broken But Not Crushed

Have you ever felt cast down?

Have you ever felt like life is a constant battle?

In Broken but Not Crushed, author Clive Clarke makes the bold assertion that no matter how far you have fallen, no matter how far you have sunk in life, if you just get up and continue walking, you will make it back to the top.

He suggests the type of mind-set you should try to possess and guard in order to get there. It’s what some would call The Winning Mind-set. In this mind-set, one demonstrates the courage to believe that anything is possible when one sets his or her mind on achieving it.

He also suggests that you should have and embrace an invincible determination to let nothing deter you from your goals and dreams in life.

By embracing this kind of mind-set, Clive asserts that you will cope with and overcome all odds faced in life.

As he purports, life is a battle—win it!